1. juststitched:

    "Crocheting won’t fix the problem, but it will calm me down and make me feel a whole lot better!"

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  2. The website is getting a little makeover today! Stop over and check out the new look at blackbirdcrochet.com!

    The store is a little barren, but I hope to have some new products up by next week!


  4. Hello!!

    Hello wonderful followers, it has been a while. I deeply apologize for my neglect of all my online accounts :( But this week I have been terribly busy preparing for my first craft show, tomorrow! 

    Hopefully sometime thereafter I will have the time to update all my sites and stock up the shop!! I promise to try and be more active from here on out! I hope you all are well, and have a fantastic weekend!!

  5. For a short time only, this lovely shrug can be yours for only $30, that’s 25% off! Hurry on over to blackbirdcrochet.com, offer ends next tuesday (oct. 29)

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  6. ladyonthewater:

    this is today’s embroidery practice, adventures with satin stitch and filling large areas.

    blackbird does embroidery!! this is what i have been putting most of my time into lately

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  7. This is the Link hat my friend commissioned, I took some liberties with the detailing, and I think it came out pretty nice.

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  8. I am currently working on a brand new website and a few new products. Unfortunately I will not be able to unveil anything until next week, at the earliest, because of some technological issues (i.e. my laptop isn’t working).

    Hopefully I can share some exciting things for you guys soon!

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  10. I apologize for my lack of updates, thanks to all of you who stuck around in my absence.

    I have been working on a lot of doilies and lace, that i will hopefully get pictures of later today. also… i think the store is in need of a makeover so watch out for that later this week.